FAQ and Rules

What is a Group Break?

What a group break typically is, is that numerous people divide the complete cost of the boxes or cases in a group break and the hits are divided up within all the participants. A group break is a great way for a chance to obtain premium hits for a certain product at a fraction of the cost.

For example: There will be 30 available teams in an NHL group break along with 30 teams in the NHL. Once each spot is obtained and payments are received for each spot in the break, we will go live on Breakers.TV to open the product depicted and amount of boxes in the break. Every hit obtained for your team from the group break will be shipped to you.

We accept PayPal or Credit Card as a method of payment for each spot/team purchased.

All group breaks are done on Breakers.TV for you to watch live at a scheduled time, usually 730pm EST. We also provide a recorded version of the break, uploaded onto our YouTube channel so you can watch the break on demand and at your own comfort and convenience.

Once the break is completed, all hits will be packaged and mailed out to the respective owners.

Variations of Group Breaks

1. Pick Your Team Break:
Each team available in the group break will have their own set price determined by the amount of hits for that specific team in the product and how well the players are valued for that specific team and year. Once all of teams are purchased, the group break will commence.

2. Random Team Break:
This variation of break is where every spot purchased within the break is randomly assigned a team (via random.org). We randomize both the list of names and the list of teams 5 times each and then your team is where your name corresponds to the list of teams in that specific order. During the break every hit of each team will go to the person that they belong to (eg: if you are randomed New England Patriots then all hits of that specified team are yours.)


Random Team Break Rules:
1) Breaks will not occur until every spot is sold (1 for each sports team) & everyone will be notified when it will occur.
2) The break will be live on Breakers.TV and also recorded to our YouTube Channel for video reference.
3) All hits for your team(s) will be shipped. Expedited & Tracking is extra upon request.
4) Hits are game used, autographs, rookies, serial numbers, inserts, & parallels.
5) The list of participants will always be randomized 5 times on Random.org
6) All NHL/MLB/NFL/NBA teams will also be randomized 5 times on Random.org
7) You will get the team(s) that corresponds to your spot in corresponding order after the random has taken place.

Special Card Situations

1) If a card has more than 1 team represented, it will be randomized 5 times on Random.org & then the team on top wins the card.
2) If a card has no team on it, it goes to the jersey being worn.
3) If no team logo worn, then it goes to the team which the player had the most games played with (ie. Jerome Iginla to Calgary not LA)
4) If a card has a defunct team it is awarded to the city where the team moved (ie. Hartford to Carolina/Nordiques to Colorado/Minnesota North Stars to Dallas Stars/Atlanta to Winnipeg/St Louis Rams to LA Rams/Brooklyn Dodgers to LA Dodgers etc.) (All Older Winnipeg Jets cards will go with the new Winnipeg Jets cards)
5) Retired players not wearing a team jersey goes to the team they played the most games with (Mark Messier to Edmonton not NY Rangers)
6) Players who have not played in any professional league will be randomized 5 times on Random.org with all the teams in that professional sports league and the team on the top being awarded the card.
7) If it is a Draft Day Card/All Star with no team logo/Olympic/World Cup Card, it then goes to the team that drafted the player or the team the player played for in the year of that specific Olympics/World Cup/All Star Game displayed. If cannot be determined then goes to team the player played the most seasons on.

Shipping Information

All group break hits are packaged the same day and shipped on either Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of the same week. We also provide an expedited shipping and tracking service for an extra fee upon request. Please email us for shipping quotes for expedited package shipping costs. dollyssportscards@gmail.com

Cards will all be packaged in a soft sleeve, within a proper sized top loader, taped inside a team bag. All mail will be shipped in bubble mailers for padded protection.


If there are any other questions regarding group breaks, please feel free to send us an email at: dollyssportscards@gmail.com